Under the Samaan Tree

by - February 28, 2018

As I entered the garden
my eyes met
with an old man sitting on a concrete bench
under the Samaan tree.

'Sit for a while with me' he called out.

I walked towards him,
shifting my dress forward to sit.

'Do you ever take chances?' he asked.

I looked down at my hands clasping each-other.

Before I had the chance to respond
he told me about a lady he met while visiting his brother in Norway.

'From the moment our eyes met, I forgot how to breathe.'

At the time, he was engaged to a young nurse back home, 
but always felt 
that something was missing
until he met - her -

The sun peaking through the branches down at our shadows, 
he pulls out his wallet from his grey trousers 
and shows me photographs of their life together.

'I knew. I knew from that moment, she was the one I wanted to marry.'

'She's gorgeous....
 but did you ever feel guilty having those feelings?'

With a soft chuckle and a silly grin on his face
making his deep laugh lines more prominent 
he looks at me - 

 'Sweetheart' he said delicately. 'in life, we have many lovers - but only one soulmate. When their path aligns with yours, you will know & only then you would realize you can never be with anyone but them. You will do what you have to do, to have every day begin & end with them.'

I watched as his eyes teared up.
I dipped into my bag and pulled out an embroidered handkerchief my grandmother gave me 
and handed it to him. 

'Today would have been our 53rd Anniversary. I miss her everyday. 
On evenings we would walk here just before sunset. She would sit where you are sitting and laugh for hours. Her laugh was one of the most beautiful sounds and she knew how it drove me wild. She knew, that every time she laughed I fell in love with her - over and over again.'

My words went silent as I slowly closed my eyes.

I then felt his fingers under my chin, gently lifting my face back up.

'Take chances, dear. Love as deeply and as wild as your soul knows how to and I promise you,
you will never regret one day.'

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  1. What a beautiful love story. Made me think of my dad who lost the love of his life, our mum, last summer and he is really struggling without her.

  2. What a lovey poem! You are so gifted. You have shoot lovely pictures and give poem another dimension.

  3. Ah what a beautiful love story, perfect night time read, thank you for this :-)

  4. This is beautiful. Totally made my morning.

  5. OH this pulled at my heart strings!!! This is lovely and really made my night!!

  6. This is such a beautiful story. Definitely hit me right in the feels. Best ever in this rainy day type o' weather. Honey, I love it. Thank you.

  7. Beautiful story and the photos set the scene perfectly thankyou for sharing :-)

  8. Amazing photos! Love them all! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend doll!
    Much love, Len

  9. What a beautiful story! Your photos are also absolutely beautiful. Trinidad seems to be an amazing place what comes to nature. :)

  10. So sweet! What a lovely and artistic piece! Made me think of my husband!

  11. This is so beautiful, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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