Losing yourself | Finding yourself

by - January 07, 2018

At the crack of dawn
I used to wake up just to hear the birds sing
and watch the sunrise.

I would sit crossed legged
or lay on my stomach for hours 

I was a dreamer, 
fascinated about magic and fairies.

I would pour all my love onto 
torn pages.
My pieces wouldn't be finished 
for days
but I lived a magical life
and had a constant craving 
to always write....
then one day,
for unknown reasons, 
I stopped.

My universe changed,
I changed
and I lost my psyche.

This person, 
this being I've become --
who is she?

I stopped myself.


Take a deep breath,
it's time to find yourself again,

Months passed,
then years, 
then one morning I woke up 
and there she was.

wearing this black laced underwear 
that ties to the side.

Her hair tucked up 
in a messy bun
with amethyst studs adorning the lobes.

We stood staring at eachother.

Then my lips parted.

'Hello you. I've missed your soul. Welcome home.'

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  1. Beautifully written, and I love self awareness pieces! Keep going !

  2. This is so beautiful! & touched me very deep, I feel like I’ve lost myself but I’m on a path to the ”welcome home” part.

  3. Those words are very strong and have big message. Enjoyed reading it xo


  4. With simple words, this makes a load of impact! I have had similar experience of losing myself and then bringing myself back to where it should be. I loved how you expressed the experience here! Pieced amazingly well.

  5. Beautiful piece. Thank you for being so vulnerable with your writing. It adds such impact for your readers! Keep finding your child-self within the current and KEEP WRITING!

  6. Impressive piece, loved reading it! Thank you for the deep words. Great message inside the piece also. Something many of us experience one time in their life.

  7. You got me from the title. Love this piece


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