Overflowing in completeness

by - October 03, 2017

There is something very silent about the way the ocean makes one feel.
Her currents -- it is as if all that we miss,
 all that has become absent in life suddenly 
for a brief moment 
overflows in completeness.

How are we as these humans with silken skin,
 bones that attach to create a body
 be granted this amazing universe to live in?

Only a few hours until sunrise, 
I sit on the porch overlooking the ocean.
I watch as early morning risers head down to the seashore
for a dip.

I grabbed a few slices of bread and sat under a pine tree.
Surrounded by fallen needles and baby pinecones, 
I pick at the slices and threw them for the birds.

As I do, I close my eyes.
There truly isn't anything more beautiful and peaceful
than awaking before everyone
closing ones eyes
and listening to the silence,
the soft melody of songs from the different birds above
and the ocean
as the waves gently kiss the shoreline.

Mourning doves fly down from the towering pines and sit at my feet
beautiful in their own unique way
and ever so often
one perfect brown pigeon joins the bevy
as they feast on snippets of bread.

For days this became my morning ritual. 

On evenings, I would amble the pathways by the craft huts
choose unique art pieces for my home
 and purchase fruits from vendors.
When the sun wasn't so torrid,
you would find me
floating in her aquamarine waters
or laying out on the sand
grabbing hold of the grains between my toes 
until sundown.

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  1. Wow! This looks so fun! And the photos are so amazing! You really got a good shot.

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! Seemed like i was looking at postcards :)

  3. Wow..such beautiful verses. I agree with the blessings we have in nature. I too marvel at the ocean the most.

  4. Fantastic pictures and a beautiful expression. Nothing like nature to recharge and revive you!

  5. The scenery is gorgeous Louann.. and very picture worthy xox... I would love to live near the ocean and have a porch where I could sit and watch the waves... xox

  6. I miss Tobago after seeing these pics! Gorgeous photography Lou. Also, your words...they are so dreamy. I couldn't help imagining myself on a beach, watching the waves come in and feeling the warmth of the sun and the grains of sand between my toes. Just beautiful!

  7. Amazing photos doll! Love them all! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week!
    Much love, Len


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