[ Titleless: 440 Days Ago ]

by - August 17, 2019

My porcelain body sunk into the foams of his matress,
with the faint sound of the midnight train,
he crawls ontop of me.

His fingertips gently graze across my forehead,
brushing my hair to the side,
as his deep dark eyes stares into mine.

Whispering his emotions,
he grazes his lips on mine and then presses them to my freckled shoulders.
With softly closed eyes,
I embraced every kiss on my flesh.

Pressing his bare body into me,
I feel the heat of his breath run down my nakedness as I deeply inhaled.
His face to my neck,
he begins kissing every inch of my body.

As he makes his way across my chest,
his hand slowly runs down my torso as my hand clenches the loose white linens............inhaling
sending my body into shivers,
his fire hands explore the arch of back,
burning my flesh,
as we lay in each other sweat.

All silence locked out,
as my breathing becomes the music,
and his heartbeat the drums.

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