A Week In Costa Rica

by - May 12, 2017

It was that one day, where we took a 2 hour drive to Pozo Azul to ride horses and go rafting. The sun was shining so bright in the morning as we made our way through pastures and streams. My shoulders scorched from the midday sun, leaving now, thin skin peeling away.

Most of our days were spent exploring San Jose by foot. Wandering through the craft markets and closed off streets, to finding tucked away cafe's and buying Turmeric from sidewalk vendors.

We didn't venture to any beaches and my desire for cuddling a sloth became non-existent as all the sanctuaries were hours away and the only sloth I did see was asleep. Every pulse in my heart, sighed, each time.

One night I got food poisoning... it was a complete shocker for me as I have never in my 35 years experienced such an awful reaction to food. I lay in a panic as my body trembled. The remaining of my days I lived off of cereal, french fries & Turmeric tea.

With the one bad day, came many great days.

Catching an Orchestra in a park.
Getting to try tight rope walking - which is in truth, incredibly hard !
And Ziplining above the rainforest.

Sharing memories in images from my week in Costa Rica.

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  1. omg the pictures!! what do u use to edit? they look amazing!!!

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  3. Such an awesome time you must have had :)

  4. Wow, amazing place and pics!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. Awesome pictures - so colourful! Looks like you had an amazing time.

  6. Beautiful, isn't it? I spent a little over 6 weeks there and loved it. Glad you enjoyed yourself!


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