Dealing with Anxiety when Travelling

by - April 23, 2017

Resfeber (n) : The tangled feelings of fear and excitement before a journey begins.

For myself, dealing with anxiety while travelling is horrible ! It tends to creep up a few days before my departure date and then full blown on the day of. In that moment - everything feels unbalanced & explaining anxiety to someone who doesn't suffer with it can feel pointless. You aren't alone.

I always thought there was a handful of people that suffered with Anxiety, but in the last few months, that handful turned into a bucketful ! I was not alone, and neither are you ! 

Here are a few personal tips that I find has helped me cope with Travel Anxiety, especially when I am travelling alone. 

Prayer |

Prayer is the first - go to - method I use. Having always been strong in my faith and experiencing the power of prayer in the past, I feel a sense of relief once I hold my rosary and pray. That alone feeling disappears and everything that felt heavy becomes light and lifted.

Comfort |

Being comfy is a must, especially on long flights!! I found that packing something that reminds you of home like a blanket or sweater, can give you that sense of comfort & help relieve that feeling of absence. I especially like if it smells like home too. If it doesn't, try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to it. Lavender is a great remedy for anxiety. 

Headphones On |

Nothing beats having your headphones on and being zoned out to something that you love. Whether it be soothing music, podcasts, or guided meditations. Just closing your eyes, concentrating on your breathing and getting lost in the music helps ease those nerves.

Meditation |

As mentioned above, Meditation is the winner for me. For the last few months I have been having anxiety and I really needed to take back by life. I joined this amazing facebook group with lovely humans called Live Your Journey. Through them I found this amazing app called Insight Timer and I've been a daily user for the past 3 weeks. Can I tell you one thing? It really has changed my life ! Everyday, Morning & Night, I start my day and end my day with guided meditations. 

Sleep |

Ughhh! I know what you are thinking - sleeping on an aircraft can be the most uncomfortable sleep of your life! Your butt gets sore, you get cranky, and if the seats are cramped together it can really be frustrating. I love to travel light - shoes that are easy to kick off, comfy clothing, and I always bring an inflatable headrest so my neck doesn't get sore. 

I have 3 *important* tips as you sit on the plane:

Tip 1 : Request a blankey! These go so quickly - especially on night flights.
Tip 2 : Put those socks on! Yes - it works for me.
Tip 3 : Cover your head ! Strange enough, this is the only way I can sleep on a plane as it just eases my anxiety completely. A little "self cave" if you will. 

Movies |

What better way to be relaxed than cozied up in a chair watching a movie? In flight movies can help ease anxiety, it also can help pass the time. Lucky for us now, if the movie being shown isn't what you want to see. Netflix now has movies you can download ! Hooray !! 

Read |

My anxiety goes through the roof when I reach immigration. After having tamed my anxiety for a long flight, I am tired, sore, cranky and hungry. The last thing any traveler wants to do is stand up in immigration for a few hours - depending on the line. After talking to my cousin, she suggested a good book. It helps keep your mind busy and you don't feel the wait as much. 

I hope this list helps somewhat if you suffer with Travel Anxiety.
If there is something you do to cope that will help others, leave a comment below !

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  1. Great tips! I definitely think that reading is a good one - helps your mind escape. Same with maybe watching movies or listening to music while on a plane. Anything to escape!

  2. This list is great! I would also add a sleeping mask to this list. It not only helps me block out any light or distraction when trying to snooze, but it also helps you focus on your breathing and calm yourself (during bad turbulence in my case!)

  3. Meditation is honestly the best way to deal with any anxiety for me. It immediately calms you and gives you peace. BEST solution for any stress in my book!

  4. There are just so many things to love about this post. I love that the first thing you mention is prayer. I've only experienced intense anxiety once prior to travel, but prayer is what I turned to first as well. And as I was growing up, anxious or not, we always prayed for safe travels before we left on a trip. But I also love that you offer so many ways to cope other than medication. I feel in our society we so often look for quick fixes. And I am all for medication in the right time and place. But it only aids the symptoms, the doesn't cure the problem. The suggestions you have here for dealing with anxiety are excellent coping skills, and using our own strengths and skills to work through difficult experiences can be so empowering!

  5. Great tips! I always put off travelling on a long haul flight due to my health condition. These sounds like some great tips. If I can add, I'd prefer to fly when the plane is more empty. I think it would help with my anxiety.

  6. My travel anxiety get triggered with turbulence and when that happens, I pray. Other than that, I always feel excited when traveling. -katrina centeno

  7. Great tips for Traveling with Anxiety. I look forward to sharing these tips with my readers!


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